New Live Dates
May 27, 2010
The spring is heating up and we have new live dates for The Gothsicles, Trigger 10d, The Thought Criminals, Attrition and The Qualia. For a complete list of shows click here.
The Gothsicles News
May 27, 2010
Lots of news from The Gothsicles camp. They will be performing at festivals in New Orleans, Montreal and New York as well as a few one-offs. For a complete list of live dates click the tab above. To watch their promo video for Kinetik Festival click here or to pick up a copy of the Kinetik Festival CD click here
The Qualia's
May 27, 2010

The Qualia's new album "Secret Weapon" is in stores today. Order your copy in the WTII Store.
New Single for Trigger 10d
March 17, 2010
Trigger 10d's new digital single, A-List will be available on all major download sites on March 30th.
The Qualia's Station Wagons Out Now
March 10, 2010
The Qualia's new digital single Station Wagons is now available on iTunes and other legal download sites. Download your copy today.
Attrition Wrapped in the Guise of My Friend Released
February 15, 2010
Out tomorrow, Attrition's Wrapped in the Guise of My Friend. Order your physical or digital copy from the WTII Store and receive a digital copy of the 8 track companinion EP.
Electronic Saviors Compilation
February 15, 2010
Three WTII artists (Stromkern, The Gothsicles and Acumen Nation) and two Bit Riot artists (Everything Goes Cold and Cyanotic) appear on the upcoming Electronic Saviors compilation coming out on February 9th. Compiled by promoter/DJ/Artist Jim Semonik after his bout with colorectal cancer, Electronic Saviors is like no other compilation. A grand total of 83 artists came together for this project, and it is with this that Jim wants to donate proceeds to the Center For Cancer Research and Wellness in Harrisburg, PA. To read more about the compilation or about Jim's inspiring story, please visit the Electronic Saviors website
The Thought Criminals Update
February 15, 2010
The Thought Criminals are about 80% complete with their new album You're a Moral Liability scheduled for release later this year. To download a 6 song mashup from the album click here
Attrition Pre-orders
January 07, 2010
We are now taking pre-orders for Attrition's Wrapped in the Guise of My Friend scheduled to be released on January 26th. Order today and receive the, digital only, companion EP free. This 8 track EP features renditions from iammynewt, Audra and more.
WTII Presents Resurrection 3
October 07, 2009
The 3rd edition of the WTII label compilation series, Resurrection 3 will be available for download on iTunes on October 13th. For more information on this release click here
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