WTII Artist's Ringtones
November 19, 2007
Now available, Artists Ringtones, download ringtones from Stromkern, Beborn Beton, Trigger10d, PTI, State of the Union, HMB, Arcanta, Backlash, Acumen Nation, and Bit Riot's Cyanotic and Mindfluxfuneral. Click Here and Search for your favorite artists or click the links on the artist page.
Stromkern's Stand Up on SpikeTV
August 16, 2007
Stromkern's Stand Up appears in the just released SpikeTV webisode Death Guild: Beyond Burning Man. To view all 5 episodes click here
Stromkern Hindsight
July 30, 2007
Stromkern's Hindsight single is now available in stores. We also have new Hindsight T-shirts available in the store section. To order the CD or T-shirt click here
Stromkern Pre-orders
July 18, 2007
The store is now taking pre-orders for Stromkern's Hindsight single in store on July 24th. To order your copy click here
New Live Dates
July 13, 2007
Just Announced: New summer/fall live dates for Stromkern and Regenerator. Click the live tab above to see if either is coming to a town near you
Bit Riot Pre-orders
June 15, 2007
We are now taking pre-orders for the Bit Riot releases MindFluxFuneral teatro deRevelacion and Cyanotic Transhuman 2.0. Both albums are scheduled for release on July 3rd. To order now click here
WTII and Bit Riot Records
June 07, 2007
We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with Eric Dusik, of WTII artist’s PTI, to create a new WTII sub-label called Bit Riot Records. Bit Riot's first two releases MindFluxFuneral’s teatro deRevelacion and Cyanotic’s Transhuman 2.0 are scheduled for release on July 3rd. For more infomation on these release check out their pages under the release section or visit the Bit Riot website click here Pre-orders for both will be up shortly
BlackSun Festival
May 30, 2007
Stromkern will join the likes of The Birthday Massacre, Decoded Feedback, Terrorfakt, The Gothsicles and many more at this years BlackSun Festival. The dates for this years event will be August 10-12th in New Haven.
Nevada's Greatest Now on iTunes
April 11, 2007
The Qualia's debut release Nevada's Greatest! is now available on iTunes. To dowload your copy click the link to the left, click the link on the release page or click here
New Live Dates
April 11, 2007
Just Announced: we now have new live dates for Stromkern and Click the live tab to see if they will be in a town near you.
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