PTI Live in Milwaukee
January 06, 2005
Just Announced: There will be a PTI Blackout CD release party on January 22nd @ Club ? in Milwaukee
Happy New Year
January 01, 2005
Happy New Years and Thank You for your support in 2004!
MTV Made Dates
December 22, 2004
Air Dates for MTV Made: State of the Union's Timerunner and Black City Lights, Stromkern's Dammerung and Beborn Beton's Colour of Love will appear in the talent show episode which airs on December 30th @ 10pm and Monstrum Sepsis' Painfully Obvious and La Floa Maldita's Secrets and Dreams will appear in the ballet episode which airs on February 3rd @ 10pm. Be sure to tune in...
PTI & Die Warzau
December 13, 2004
Just announced: PTI will be performing with Die Warzau and DJ? Acucrack on Friday January 7th at the Metro in Chicago. Tickets now on sale at Ticketmaster
MTV Made
December 13, 2004
La Floa Maldita Secrets and Dreams, Monstrum Sepsis Painfully Obvious and Stromkern Dammerung will all appear in an upcoming episode of the MTV show Made. A specific airdate has not been given but I will be sure to post it as soon as it is given. & promo only
December 13, 2004’s Aperture will appear on the December issue of the Alternative Club CD from Promo Only. In addition to, this disc features tracks from Mixmaster Mike, Depeche Mode, Delerium Featuring Sarah McLachlan, Devo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and many more.
PTI Record Release Party in Vancouver
December 08, 2004
Another PTI release party: January 9th @ Sanctuary in Vancouver BC.
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