Electronic Substance Abuse signs with WTII
October 10, 2014
Dark electro/power noise act, Electronic Substance Abuse (a.k.a. ESA) has signed a new deal with Louisville based WTII Records, LLC. Born in 2002, Jamie Blacker created ESA as musical outlet to cross the threshold from one genre of extreme music to another. Blacker, up until this point, had been writing music semi-professionally for years in the UK black/death metal scene, touring and recording alongside some of the most respected acts in the scene. Having decided to experiment in Dark Electronics, ESA's heavy, rhythmic style has since then been at the forefront of the power electronics / harsh industrial scene, predominantly owing to slews of powerful and engaging live shows and 6 well received, critically acclaimed albums.

ESA's sound is always a hard one to pin down. Taking influences initially from rhythmical noise acts, the overall structures have developed and integrated countless influences from the broad spectrum of alternative and extreme music. The tone of ESA is harsh and oppressive, dripping with destructive and corroded grooves whilst still emanating sub conscious melodies and a strong sense of Spirituality. ESA's compositions are undoubtedly threatening and offensive floor stomping club tunes but also twist and churn enough to warrant more attentive listening.

With the much revered "Themes 1& 2" releases causing such a stir within the noise and harsh industrial scene, Blacker is now working hard on the closing album to this destructive trilogy, tentatively being marked for a Spring/Summer 2015 release!
Stars Crusaders joins WTII
August 28, 2014
Italy's Electro Sci-Fi/synthpop innovators, Stars Crusaders, have signed a deal with Louisville/Chicago based WTII Records, LLC. The Stars Crusaders formed in the spring of 2014 after Davedax, Symorg and Yeda received a summons from the ancient order to unite and defend the planet from otherworld invaders. Joined together by a love of electronics and Sci-Fi, the trio has created the soundtrack to an epic adventure through the stars by blending powerful rhythms, ethereal melodies and space inspired lyrics.

The trio will premiere their new style of music, dubbed Electro Sci-Fi, in September with the release of the digital single, Aeterna. Featuring remixes from Dupont and Nordika, Aeterna will serve as a nice introduction to the band and be a solid lead up to the Stars Crusaders debut album, New Horizons, scheduled for release on November 11th.
Slave Unit Tour
August 10, 2014
Slave Unit hits the West Coast for a tour playing hits from their latest release, Through with You. Come here some classic Coldwave at its finest. Click Here for a full list of tour dates.
WTII Welcomes AlterRed
May 21, 2014
London's dark cabaret act, AlterRed have signed a new deal with Louisville/Chicago based WTII Records, LLC. AlterRed mixes electronic beats and sounds with avant-garde piano, then tops it off with strong and soaring vocals. AlterRed will make their WTII Records debut later this year with the release of The Electro Creepshow. This album will serve as an introduction to the band by featuring a collection of re-mastered tracks from AlterRed's multiple releases plus a couple of new, unreleased tracks. The Electro Creepshow will be followed-up by a new album tentatively scheduled for release in early 2015.
Die Sektor Tour
May 08, 2014

Die Sektor hits the road with God Module and Mordacious for the False Face tour. Click here for a complete list of dates and don't forget to pick up a copy of their new album (-)existence.
State of the Union My Time Away
April 07, 2014
State of the Union's long awaited release, My Time Away is now available in stores. The WTII of My Time Away contains two tracks not available on any other version. Listen an audio sampler Here and buy your copy Here.
Slave Unit Through With You
April 07, 2014
Slave Unit's latest release, Through With You is now available in stores worldwide. Slave Unit is one of the innovators of the "Coldwave Sound" and this album will not disappoint. Check out an audio sample of Through With You here and pick up a copy here.
WTII Welcomes Autoclav1.1
March 12, 2014
It gives us great pleasure to announce that Autoclav1.1 has joined the WTII family. Tony has been a big supporter of the label since inception and it only seems fitting that his 10th Anniversary release would come out on WTII. His latest offering Ten.one.point.one. will be in stores on June 24th.
WTII Records $5 Sale
February 25, 2014
We are relocating our offices and to help with the move we are having a $5 Sale. We have tons of catalog titles available from $1.98 - $5.00, check it out here.
WTII Welcomes Slave Unit
January 12, 2014
We are pleased to announce the signing of Cold Wave innovators Slave Unit. Slave Unit's sound strikes you with powerful rhythms, bass-heavy beats, original samples and crunching guitars. Slave Unit will make their WTII debut with the release of Through with You on April 8th.
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