Acumen Nation
An original part of the coldwave music scene that fused guitars with industrial music.
AlterRed's sound mixes electronic beats and sounds with avante garde piano, then tops it off with strong and soaring vocals.
am.psych incorporates a stylized blend of crunchy, harsh and hateful angst with smooth, digital synths to create their trademark sound, the musical barrage that those who've seen their show have come to expect.
Mysterious, majestic and intense - Arcanta's music is at once deeply personal and transcendently universal.
Influenced by a mix of punk ideology and experimental art aesthetics, they emerged as part of the early '80's UK Industrial scene alongside contemporaries Coil, Test Department, Legendary Pink Dots, In The Nursery, Portion Control et al.
Fusing huge orchestral compositions, and IDM with flashes of Industrial, Rock and modern Electronica.
Backlash can only be described as pure electronic pop. Smooth and melodic male vocals glide over layers and layers of samples and other electronic intricacies.
Beborn Beton
With heavy influences from the bands of the 80's, Beborn Beton set out to expand and modernize the sounds of their once heroes.
Blume blends thematic lyrics, massive beats and melancholy moods, with influences from contemporary Electronic music, New wave, Synthpop, Electronic rock and much more.
CHANT is the tribal-infused apocalyptic drum project of Bradley Bills from Austin, Texas, who has spent the last 8 years solidifying its mark in the Industrial Rock world with a constant tour schedule supporting Lords of Acid, Angelspit, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and most recently opening for both of KMFDM's US tours in 2013.
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