Controlled Fusion
A collaborative East/West project between programmer Steffan Schuhrke and vocalist Dennis Ostermann (In Strict Confidence).
The duo known as has been creating their unique blend of electronic manipulations for several years.
Dead on TV
Chicago punk with all the attitude of the late 70's but with minimal electronics.
SMP and Stiff Valentine
Dessau delivers powerful, rhythmic industrial dance tracks that transcends both the dancefloor and home stereo.
Deviant UK
Deviant UK has established itself as a force to be reckoned with on the Dark Alternative scene.
Die Sektor
Dark electro for the brilliant and/or insane.
Electronic Substance Abuse (ESA)
The tone of ESA is harsh and oppressive, dripping with destructive and corroded grooves whilst still emanating sub conscious melodies and a strong sense of Spirituality.
Frontal Boundary
Frontal Boundary started as the solo project of BrendinR. Their music mixes Industrial, EBM, and synth-pop enveloping harsh vocals, melodic leads, and hard beats.
Daniel Myer and Victoria Lloyd create a new boundary for experimentation by fusing elements of EBM, techno and trance.
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