Forces of Light
The FORCES OF LIGHT project is an exploration of the esoteric and occult world, with 80's sonority and a return to the glorious italo-dance
Frontal Boundary
Frontal Boundary started as the solo project of BrendinR. Their music mixes Industrial, EBM, and synth-pop enveloping harsh vocals, melodic leads, and hard beats.
Daniel Myer and Victoria Lloyd create a new boundary for experimentation by fusing elements of EBM, techno and trance.
In Strict Confidence
A volitale combination of hard driving beats, heavy synths and harsh lyrics.
Dense aggro-electro from the tortured soul of Claus Larsen's (Leæther Strip) bastard alter ego.
La Floa Maldita
La Floa Maldita's style of music can be described as Chanson Electronique, which means they use lots of electronic devices and a female voice to create somehow unconventional timeless songs and tracks.
Lowe formed in 2003 and was instantly considered as one of the most interesting new Swedish alternative bands. Their debut release, "Tenant" and the follow-up album, "Kino International" received rave reviews and both albums were voted "Album of the Month" by several major magazines and fanzines in Europe. Lowe has been recognized as the "Best Rock Act and "Best Newcomer" at Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards.
Mechanical Cabaret
Mechanical Cabaret combine a heady mix of industrial strength electro, memorable melodies, slamming beats, acidic synths, sci-fi soundscapes and throbbing bass, along with Roi's lyrical observations of the darker side to life - all delivered with a deadpan dose of sardonic punk attitude and British black humour.
Blending elements of early synthpop with sounds of the modern decade, Melotron has created their own niche.
Method Cell
Combining high energy harmonics and acerbic lyrics with searing bass and beats, Method Cell prove there's more to a club hit than swearing by numbers, and industrial doesn't have to mean monotone.
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