This extraordinary male/female led duo has been creating their unique blend of dark electro.
Combining catchy synth hooks and coldwave inspired lyrics and attitude, Rein[Forced] provides a unique take on the current electo/industrial and EBM scene.
Sister Machine Gun
Since 1990, Chicago industrial rock mainstays Sister Machine Gun have been making ground-breaking records and playing incendiary live shows.
Slave Unit
One of the innovators of the Coldwave sound. Influenced by hardcore punk, industrial and hip hop music, Slave Unit's sound strikes you with powerful rhythms weighted with bass-heavy beats, original samples, and crunching guitars.
Sounds of Mass Production (SMP)
SMP, aka Sounds of Mass Production, is an American industrial-rock band, with heavy rap and punk influences.
Stars Crusaders
Innovators of the Electro Sci-Fi sounds, Stars Crusaders blend powerful rhythms, ethereal melodies and space inspired lyrics.
State of the Union
Packed with driving beats and electronic manipulations, State of the Union has become the face of the post future pop movement.
Stiff Valentine
Stiff Valentine tackles dance floors and mosh pits alike with heavy riffs, thumping beats, throat-tearing vocals and its not-so-secret weapon: a sense of humor.
Fusing hip-hop vocals and ryhthms with classical compositions and post-industrial rock, Stromkern have been carving out a unique sound for over a decade.
The Gothsicles
The Gothsicles bring their highly energetic, video game infused mayhem to a new home.
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