State of the Union
Packed with driving beats and electronic manipulations, State of the Union has become the face of the post future pop movement.
Stiff Valentine
Stiff Valentine tackles dance floors and mosh pits alike with heavy riffs, thumping beats, throat-tearing vocals and its not-so-secret weapon: a sense of humor.
Fusing hip-hop vocals and ryhthms with classical compositions and post-industrial rock, Stromkern have been carving out a unique sound for over a decade.
The Gothsicles
The Gothsicles bring their highly energetic, video game infused mayhem to a new home.
The Qualia
A combination of stunning electronics, confident storytelling, and clever songwriting
The Thought Criminals
Straight from South London, this duo mixes 80's dark electro and industrial with modern alternative dance elements.
Trigger 10d
Trigger 10d blends female vocals with layers of electronics and guitars to create their own style of electronic indie rock.
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