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Once an original part of the coldwave music scene that fused guitars with industrial music, Chicago's Acumen Nation have logged hundreds of shows, 6 albums and a dozen US tours over the years.

As well as running their own imprint and producing music for videogames, television and other bands, Acumen Nation continuously evolves, adding the sounds of drum n bass, breakbeat, and hardcore into the mix over the years, resulting in a harsh amalgam of metal and electronics.

Live they are a 4-piece metal crush fest with backing samples and loops who have cut their teeth on the road and locally with such bands as Ministry, Sevendust, Rammstein, KMFDM, Local H, Soil, Mushroomhead, Skinlab, Lords of Acid and Sister Machine Gun.

Before they launch into a new decade of armed audio warfare, they have decided to pause and recollect on their 10+ years as Acumen and Acumen Nation. Their WTII debut is not really a debut but more of a collection assembled to celebrate the bands extensive history. What the F**k serves as a solid retrospective and provided a good opportunity to dust off some of the tracks that have not seen the light of day in several years. The 4 on the floor club beats maybe a thing of the past but they will live on with this release.
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What the F**k On Sale $5
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10 year remix retrospective with 14 never-before-heard remixes and 2 new tracks.
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