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"From their early beginnings as an avant-garde electro cabaret band, an increasingly hostile world has metaphorized AlterRed into an aggressive onslaught of dirty guitars and heavy beats over thick layers of synths and noise.

With their conceptual and theatrical live shows, featuring a host of disturbing and surreal characters, they have also earned themselves a reputation as a one of the most original and energetic live acts of recent years. The result is a dynamic and original sound that identifies then as a powerful force on the Industrial Rock/Metal and Ale-Electro scene.

Self medicated madness is our remit. Love, lust, lunacy & loss are our tales to tell. Music to lose your mind to..."
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Trauma; Trauma Reinforcement July 13th
Definitely reflective of today's hostile world, Trauma; Trauma Reinforcement takes the listener down a dark path filled with rage, instability, resistance and angst. This more aggressive AlterRed combines dirty guitars and heavy beats over thick layers of synths and noise.
In the Land of the Blind...
This album is a departure from the band's electro-cabaret sound, focusing far more on their rock-industrial and electro-rock influences. Bigger, harder, faster and darker
The Electro Creepshow
AlterRed are poised to make their North American debut with the release of The Electro Creepshow. Re-mastered and assembled by AlterRed, the 15 tracks on The Electro Creepshow cover a wide variety of styles.
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