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am.psych is a coldwave revival, offset by synth-rich ebm influences. Since February of 2003, they've played at venues across the mid-west, dedicating heavy support to fellow local Milwaukee artists and friends such as Lockjaw, Incekt and Reticent Crush. They have also logged some measure of time in more lucrative one-off bookings, such as in support of Skinny Puppy at Milwaukee's Rave/Eagle's Ballroom in November of 2004, Acumen Nation in September of 2005, Chemlab's "Detonation Days" tour in November of 2007, and in support of Invisible Records' Project .44 alongside Chicago staples, JILT.

am.psych incorporates a stylized blend of crunchy, harsh and hateful angst with smooth, digital synths to create their trademark sound, the musical barrage that those who've seen their show have come to expect. At the end of 2006, am.psych settled into a brief hiatus, trying out different line-up changes and live arrangements. It was at the end of this hiatus that local music veteran Rusty Jorgensen joined the line-up, supplying a thick layer of buzz-saw guitar lines. It was also at this time that the band saw the return of founding member Meg Guy on keyboards.

This line-up change brought forth a new level of sound, incorporating the more organic sound Jorgensen's thickly layered seven-string guitar along with Manning's rumbling bass lines, Guy's synth rhythms and Verbos' acidic vocal stylings.

The resulting sound floored audiences, even longtime fans, and was hailed as a virtual rebirth of am.psych. Since this revitalization, am.psych has been referred to as a "serious force in the Milwaukee Industrial music scene", as well as having piqued the interest of a few reputable Chicago music staples at their Chicago debut at Darkroom (Photography Bar) in January of 2008. This growing performance reputation promises that the am.psych of the future is not something to be missed or ignored.

Currently, back to shuffling through potential live line-ups, am.psych has finally taken the time to step into the recording studio, finalizing long-time demos for the release of their debut EP. The release of this EP, along with the numerous future booking opportunities presenting themselves show great promise for the band.
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Cold Wars
am.psych blends crunchy guitars, harsh sounds and angst filled lyrics with smooth synths and a little EBM.
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Side-Effects EP
on sale!
Debut EP from Milwaukee's leader of the coldwave movement.
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