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Backlash was formed 1998 in Lidkoping, Sweden by Oskar Lygner, Niklas Lundquist and Erik Torstensson. All three had previously been involved in other projects and felt the time was right to merge their talents and created Backlash. During the making of their first EP, Erik left the group to pursue another career and in the fall of 1999 the now duo released their first EP entitled EP1. EP1 was in fact the bands first demo but the production quality and sound was so extraordinary that the label released the EP without sound or production modifications.

In the fall of 2000, the duo was joined by Malin Andersson which added some new and fresh vocals to their sound. The end result was the album Impetus which was released in 2001 on the Swedish label Memento Materia. Impetus received immediate acclaim and Backlash was nominated as best newcomer and Impetus as best album at the 2001 Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards.

After the release of the single, Blind, Malin left the group and the duo again headed in a different musical direction. With Malin's departure, Erik re-joined the group and together with Oskar and Niklas felt the time was right to push Backlash further in the pursuit of a new electronic sound.

During a studio session in late 2002, the newly reconstructed trio once again put Erik at the lead vocal helm a quickly discovered the sound they were looking for. The first recording from this session was "Lodestar" which set the tone for their 2005 release, Heliotrope and accompaning EP Lodestar. As Backlash moves into 2007, they continue their exploration creating a new and distinctive style of Electronic Pop music. With the upcoming release of their third album, The Shape of Things to Come, Backlash will continue to set themselves apart from the peers. The first single "Breach" was released to critical acclaim in Europe and the US counterpart, "Escalator People" looks to achieve the same success.
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Heliotrope 2xCD On Sale $4
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Heliotrope is a beautifully crafted and sonically solid release that ventures into areas frequeented by Coldplay, The Postal Service and Massive Attack.
Lodestar EP On Sale $3
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This 35 minute EP features four remixes of the title track, an acoustic guitar mix and a Daft Punkesque remix.
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