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For those of you not already acquainted with this band, Be My Enemy is the solo project of Phil Barry, the other half of the British techno/metal outfit Cubanate. Since the bands last release in 1998, some fans of Cubanate may have been wondering where Phil Barry has been. We can assure you he has been busy, mostly with releases in the Techno and Breaks scenes (i.e. 'Freak Frequency' by Vigi and Flip / 'Swarm' by
String Theory)... until now.

In 2008, Barry started recording tracks for Be My Enemy's debut album This is the New Wave and picks up where he left off to create exactly what his debut album title promises to be the defining new wave of techno/ rock music. The title track 'The New Wave' was the 1st song recorded for the album. This song is about project creator, Phil Barry, starting a new phase of music, a change in direction but also a return to the style he made with Cubanate. Influenced by metal, punk, breakbeat, and old school rave music BME is a mix of musical energy dubbed "Ravemetal", that fans can dance, mosh and stage dive to. Phil says, "This album begins a new phase for me now I am the frontman as well as the guitarist and the producer. I had as much fun making this album as any in my career mashing all the elements of my favorite styles of dance and rock music together. I'm very excited to be a part of the Bit Riot family which is THE record label in the USA for guitar driven electronic music."

This is the New Wave serves as a triumphant return for Phil Barry and yet another groundbreaking release for Bit Riot Records.
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