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BLUME was founded in Italy in 2008 by Enrico Filisetti (Vocals - Songwriting), Ivan Savino (Songwriting - Production - Keyboards) and Daniele De Fabritiis (Guitars). Their unique sound blends thematic lyrics, massive beats and melancholy moods, with influences from contemporary Electronic music, New wave, Synthpop, Electronic rock and much more.

The band released their first works online in 2008 and quickly garnered attention from the media, critics, curious fans and most importantly music industry executives. In February of 2009 the band signed a deal with the US label, A Different Drum which releases their debut album, "Rise from Grey," in January 2010. "Rise From Grey" was distributed and released in the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

The album received excellent reviews across the globe and BLUME quickly became one of the most exciting newcomers in the Synthpop/Futurepop music scene. "Rise from Grey" achieved success from the press with several specialty magazines praising the band for their work, and from radio with several songs from "Rise from Grey" appearing in playlists on local and regional radio stations across America, Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe.

Over the years the band has performed in some of the most prominent clubs and festivals throughout Europe and has shared the stage with the most influential bands in the scene including: COVENANT at Siddharta Club in Prato, KIRLIAN CAMERA at K17 in Berlin, VNV NATION and SHE WANTS REVENGE at Audiodrome in Turin, DE/VISION at P!PL Club in Moscow, SEABOUND at Purple Turtle in London and many more.
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Blackening is an upbeat track that blends a catchy hook and smooth vocals with elements of synthpop and electro.
Western Rust
First single from the upcoming Autumn Ruins album. Features remixes from I;Scintilla, Interface, Technoir, Blank and Wade Alin.
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Ashes May 4th
Ashes combines flowing melodies, layers of electronics, and smooth vocals to create a sound that is a mix of modern synthpop, new wave and electronic rock.
Autumn Ruins
After making their debut in 2010, Blume return with a stellar sophomore release, Autumn Ruins. Combining melancholy moods, energetic music and smooth vocals with a modern mix of synthpop new wave, and electronic rock.
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Autumn Ruins
Limited edition Russian release of Blume's stellar Autumn Ruins release. Combining melancholy moods, energetic music and smooth vocals with a modern mix of synthpop new wave, and electronic rock. Each one is numbered and includes two bonus remixes.
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