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CHANT is the tribal-infused apocalyptic drum project of Bradley Bills from Austin, Texas, who has spent the last 8 years solidifying its mark in the Industrial Rock world with a constant tour schedule supporting Lords of Acid, Angelspit, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and most recently opening for both of KMFDM's US tours in 2013.

CHANT's live performances display a chaotic presentation of mayhem and rock and roll. With passionate music and lyrics channeling internal rage and raw emotion, dark hook-laden synth lines, and primal chest pounding drumming that slam audiences into elation - each show brings new fans and rave reviews, with ReGen Music Magazine declaring CHANT "a blistering stage performance that simply should not be missed!"

Bradley's unique, custom drum set ups are a nod to experimental innovators Einstuerzende Neubauten - with metal cans, buckets, and satellite dishes featured in the arsenal, while his subversive DYI style of art and mixed media continues to provoke thought and turns heads: CHANT's controversial music video NEED triggering censorship by Youtube.com and other media outlets last summer.

Since inception, Bradley has worked with members of The Butthole Surfers, Skrew, Pigface, and The Razorblade Dolls to record and co-produce CHANT's two independently released albums: That Which Divides (2007) and Strong Words For Strong People (2010), squeezing in time to contribute drumming duties for Pigface, Evil Mothers, and Jurgen Engler (Die Krupps).

Having released a 3 Track 'Free to Fans' EP: "Universal" in late 2013 - CHANT is preparing a new onslaught of apocalyptic shows in Europe supporting Die Krupps on their 2014 "The Machinists of Joy Tour" with Bradley manning the drums for Die Krupps themselves!

2015 will see the follow-up to Strong Words For Strong People with the release of A Brave New Apocalypse. CHANT will also support KMFDM on their Salvation 2015 Tour and make an appearance as Infest (UK).
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Brave New Apocalypse
New album from Austin TX, apocalyptic tribal infused industrial project.
Compact Discs
Brave New Apocalypse (Limited Edition)
Limited Edition release of CHANT's Brave New Apocalypse album
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