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Cyanotic defines harsh electronic metal, melding elements of classic industrial dance, electro, drum 'n' bass, glitch and metal to create a unique sonic assault.

The band enjoys a rapidly growing fan base, thanks to strong word of mouth, old fashioned charm and a reputation for high energy live performances, playing alongside acts like Front Line Assembly, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Meat Beat Manifesto, Everytime I Die, Andrew W.K., Stromkern, Dismantled, Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack, Bile, Nocturne, Cruciform Injection, De-fragmentation and many more.

Cyanotic had its beginnings in the midi ghettos of the midwest US in early 2002. The band's first release, a collection of demos and remixes entitled "Mutual Bonding Through Violation", saw release in the summer 2k3 via Cyanotic's own label, Glitch Mode Recordings. The limited edition E.P. of 1200 copies, now out of print, was met with immediate praise and extremely positive reviews. Subsequent tours of the United States began shortly after, with the band recording and producing between shows.

The summer of 2k5 saw the release of Cyanotic's debut full length album, "Transhuman". A harsh electro-metal diatribe combining aggro punk attitude, machine driven beats, infectious synth rhythms, brutal guitars and layers of sonic experimentation, expertly mixed by Jason Novak of Acumen Nation / DJ? Acucrack and Chris Cozort of Iammynewt. The album became an underground hit thanks to strong word of mouth, positive reviews, relentless touring and an ever-growing fanbase.

Due to popular demand, Cyanotic began work on a 2 disc deluxe edition of the now out-of-print debut, entitled ''Transhuman 2.0", in fall 2k6. The double CD set contains the original "Transhuman", remastered for optimal clarity, along with a bonus companion disc that fully deconstructs and reshapes the original songs into pure sonic molotov, featuring guest appearances from members of Front Line Assembly, 16 Volt and Rabbit Junk.

Amongst all the shows, promotion and recording, the group have completed production work and remixes for bands including Pigface, Chemlab, 16 Volt, Acumen Nation, Rabbit Junk, The Aggression, ManufraQture, Spit Static and many more.
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