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Everything Goes Cold will freeze you to death and tear your face off. Maybe they already have. We're fairly certain you had more face before, and you should probably put on a coat.

Fronted by Eric Gottesman, one of Industrial Music's most obnoxiously omnipresent proliferators, EGC forcibly and indignantly amalgamates influences from the full spectrum of classic American guitar-based Industrial Music with a modern sensibility and foul attitude that makes the lead singer of your favorite Terror EBM band look and smell like your great-grandfather after a long day in the sun.

Conceived in the years following the unruly 2003 demise of See Colin Slash, Gottesman's ill-defined and ill-advised cult-classic perpetual opening band, Everything Goes Cold has already used up every bit of the smoldering, ashen remains of good will he built up while traipsing through every electronic band ever to attract a teenager with a cephalopod tied to their head, from Psyclon Nine to Ayria.

Finally ready to glaciate an unwilling and disinterested world with a cabal of astringent songs and robotic applicances, Everything Goes Cold is proud to join forces with Bit Riot Records, who, in turn, are ashamed to have agreed to such an arrangement.

The debut full-length, "Everything Goes Cold vs. General Failure", will be available soon whereever unpopular music is sold.
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