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"We are lights coming from hell, shadows coming down from heaven"

The FORCES OF LIGHT project is an exploration of the esoteric and occult world, with 80's sonority and a return to the glorious italo-dance.

The formation of this project stems from a meeting between Leo (keyboardist, music composer, arrangements, mixing), Scorpio (keyboards, vocals, songwriter) and Virgo (singer). Leo and Skorpio, have been working together for several years as founding members of a parallel group, [STARS + CRUSADERS]. When the two met with Virgo, there was an instant spark and Forces of Light was formed.

The trio immediately began to work on their debut release, DARKLIGHTS. After about a year in the studio, they emerged with their album, 10 mystical and beautifully crafted tracks. DARKLIGHTS will include FORCES OF LIGHTS first two singles: "TOo Magical" an homage to their magical hometown of Turin and the psycho-sensitive "DIVINER"

Their debut album, DARKLIGHTS, will be release in November of 2017

Are you ready to jump with us into the mysterious esoteric world?

Enjoy the lights !!
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Diviner EP
The Diviner EP features the first two singles from the highly anticipated Darklights album.
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An exploration of the esoteric and occult world, with 80s sonority and a return to the glorious Italo-dance.
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