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Created in 2002, Frontal Boundary started as the solo project of BrendinR. Their music mixes Industrial, EBM, and synth-pop enveloping harsh vocals, melodic leads, and hard beats.

Shortly after inception, Frontal Boundary had to be placed on the back-burner while BrendinR dealt with some personal matters. This hiatus would last for almost 6 years and in 2008, BrendinR resumed work on the project culminating with the release of the demo, Never Ending, a purely instrumental album. A year later, the track Mindfuck was released on the Genetic Defekt Census compilation. With the band starting to gain momentum, BrendinR was again forced to put Frontal Boundary to the side in 2009 while he focused on more pressing matters. The break lasted for three years and when BrendinR returned in 2012, Frontal Boundary was refocused and armed with a new album, Electronic Warfare. Electronic Warfare features tracks that narrate the life experiences BrendinR endured during his absence. BrendinR has described his music as, "Thoughts come together to form ideas. Years of heartache, depression, betrayal, love, animosity, passion, the good times and the bad... All accumulate into one thing: sound. Music comes from the fingertips of emotion, a roller coaster of life." Electronic Warfare is the aural testament to the theory of music and sound which embodies the Frontal Boundary ethos.

Since 2012, Frontal Boundary has achieved a meteoric rise in success within the Industrial/EBM community. Frontal Boundary has released numerous remixes of many artists within the scene, including Panic Lift, Bruderschaft, and Trakktor and toured with God Module and Die Sektor.

2013 saw the re-release of Electronic Warfare V.2 in February, the addition of Elijah S. Arms (Vicious Alliance) to the project as a permanent member and a full tour with new label mates Die Sektor. Frontal Boundary signed to Chicago based WTII Records and will make their label debut with the release of Anthem for a Shattered Mind in early 2014.
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