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The Gothsicles is the musical outlet of mastermind and video game guru darkNES (Brian Graupner). His brand of oddball EBM is like an entire gaming convention on truck stop speed, fun, loud and entertaining. The Gothsicles debut, NESferatu was released in 2006 to critical acclaim and the band quickly gained a cult following by playing several large festivals and conventions across the globe. Shows of note include: Infest 2007 (UK), Black Sun III, Reverence II - VI, Eccentrik Fest, Dragon Con, CONvergence 2006-2007, GenCon 2004-2007 , MarsCon 2006-2008, Kinetik Festival 2010 and several other one-offs and conventions.

Live, The Gothsicles come to life with a highly energetic stage show that can best be described as a fist-pumping, video-game inspired stompfest. On occasion darkNES will be joined on stage by Sega Lugosi (Matt Fanale of Caustic) and Turbo Gothic 16 (Dan Clark of The Dark Clan and Stromkern.)
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Nyarlat Hot EP (digital EP)
6 track EP featuring 4 new tracks and remixes.
Resurrection 3
3rd edition of the WTII label sampler series
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Industrialites & Magic
The Gothsicles return with 13 slammin new tracks plus remixes from Leætherstrip, Project Pitchfork, Reaper, Caustic, Yendri and Boole.
Sega Lugosi's Dead
The Gothsicles second release delivers a fist-pumping, video-game inspired stompfests that will bring out the geek in everyone.
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