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After nearly a year of overseas collaborations, the duo known as HMB is poised to have their debut offering unleashed to the world.

Comprised of Daniel Meier (Haujobb/Cleen/Cleaner) and Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant), HMB set out to create a new boundary for experimentation. Fusing elements of EBM, techno and trance with the elegant vocal styling of Victoria and the distinctive vocal styling of Daniel has made this album a beautifully crafted masterpiece. To complement an already solid combination, the pair also enlisted the help of Dennis Ostermann (ISC/Controlled Fusion) to add yet another twist to the equation.
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Great Industrial Love Affairs On Sale $4
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A beautifully crafted masterpiece, HMB is a collaboration between Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Cleen, Cleaner, Destroid) and Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant, Monochrome)
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The Resurrection 2 On Sale $4
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The Resurrection 2 features tracks from Beborn Beton, cut.rate.box, Deceptio Mentis, HMB, La Floa Maldita, Monstrum Sepsis, PTI, Regenerator, State of the Union, Stromkern and Trigger 10d.
The Resurrection On Sale $4
on sale!
The Resurrection features tracks from Arcanta, Beborn Beton, Controlled Fusion, Deceptio Mentis, HMB, In Strict Confidence, Melotron, Regenerator, State of the Union, Stromkern and Trigger10d.
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