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Claus Larsen launched this solo-project in the early 90's under the name Klute, but changed its spelling to Klutæ in order to avoid any further confusion with a totally unrelated drum n' bass project.

Klutæ's first releases showcased a rather heavy and turbo-driven guitar-oriented sound which brought him comparisons to metal-industrial acts like Fear Factory, Bile and Swamp Terrorist, yet Claus Larsen has always considered this project as his most eclectic and unpredictable outlet. So it was no major surprise seeing its hardest walls of synthesized guitar noise eventually giving way to mid-tempo pounding tracks powered by the Leæther Strip trademark EBM bass-lines and Claus' chameleon vocals.

In fact, Klutæ traditionally stands for a more punkish "in ya face attitude" with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and "angst-til-ya-bust" old-school electro arrangements. And it's with that very characteristic sense of humor that Claus Larsen invites us now on another extravaganza journey through desert storms, biker orgies, hell fires, death valley saloons and other sexy parties with in leather jackets.

Klutæ is loud and fun, and will musically certainly not deceive the Leæther Strip fanbase, while keeping its appeal to followers of the Ministry gang for its aggressive attitude. It's dense aggro-electro from the tortured soul of Claus Larsen's bastard alter ego.
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