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Formed in 2003, Swedish alternative act Lowe quickly established their place in the European music scene with the release of their debut album Tennant in 2005. An instant success, Lowe garnered numerous awards and praise from media across the globe. The follow-up album, Kino International, was released in 2008 and received the same accolades as it predecessor and caught the attention of Chicago based WTII Records.

Now, 2011, after years of sound experimentation and mutilation, the trio is poised to conquer North America with the release of their new album, Evolver. Lowe's darkest release to date, the music on Evolver can only be described as pop noir, melancholic with a mix of synthpop. The albums first two singles, "Mirage" and "Breathe In Breathe Out" shot straight to the top of the iTunes alternative charts in Europe and look to garner the same success in North America. Other tracks like "Forever" and "EdT" showcases the bands more melodic side mixing layers of atmospheric synths with harmonious vocals to create a mood that is both dark and suggestive.

Over the years Lowe has received comparisons to New Order, A-ha, Keane and Camoflauge but with the release of Evolver, Lowe has separated themselves from these comparisons.

• LOWE's debut single "The Vanishing" was released in 2003, and since then LOWE has released the critically-acclaimed albums "Tenant", "Tenant Remixed" and "Kino International". LOWE's third album "Evolver" will be released September 13, 2011.
• LOWE's music can be described as Pop Noir, melancholic and melodic electronic pop music.
• LOWE recently returned from a 12 show tour of the USA/Canada and 7 shows in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. They have played in several major markets like New York, Ottawa, London, Athens, Sofia, Berlin, Stockholm, Istanbul, Kiev and Moscow and have done multiple tours in Eastern Europe. The band has dedicated fan clubs in Greece, Russia and Ukraine.
• LOWE's previous albums were recognized as "Album of the Month" by German, Russian, American and Italian music press.
• LOWE has appeared on several TV shows with an estimated viewership of 100 million people.
• LOWE is currently the most successful, hardworking and acclaimed Swedish alternative band in Eastern Europe.
• LOWE has been recognized as the "Best Rock Act" and "Best Newcomer" at Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards.
• LOWE has had several Top 20 hits in Europe; A 1000 Miles, Ahead of Our Time, The Vanishing.
• Billboard Magazine praised LOWE in the May 2009 issue.
• LOWE's bass player Rickard is the son of world famous ABBA musician Rutger Gunnarsson.

LOWE are Leo Josefsson (vocals), Rickard Gunnarsson (bass guitar & backing vocals) and Tobias Ersson (synthesizer & machines).
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Mirage is the second single from the Evolver album and features remixes from Jade Puget (AFI/Blaqk Audio), Adam Rickfors and more.
Breathe In Breathe Out
Breathe In Breathe Out is the new digital single from one of Sweden's most popular electronic bands, Lowe. Taken from the highly anticipated Evolver album, Breathe In Breathe Out features 3 versions of the title track and remix of the album track Alpha Bravo.
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Featuring the singles Breathe In Breathe Out, Mirage and Live to Love, Lowe is poised to take control of the North American market.
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