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Formed in 1991 by Andy (Music, Lead Vocals), Edgar (Lyrics, Vocals, Keyboards) & Hilde (Production, Keyboards, Drums), Melotron has spent the last decade perfecting their sound. Hailing from Germany, the trio has quickly become a mainstay in the synthpop genre joining the ranks of other modern-day legends.

Initially, things were much different for the band. At inception, the band sang in both English & German. However, early experimentations with english quickly subsided & the band has been singing exclusively in german ever since 1995.

Blending elements of early synthpop with sounds of the modern decade, Melotron has created their own niche within the musical spectrum. All eyes will be on this trio as they further their evolution & elevate to icon status throughout the world.
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Domestic debut from these synthpop giants
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