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hardcore torture tekk: a chaotic unleashing of vocals and sound chanting back the ills within which we live.

MindFluxFuneral was originally formed in 2.93, releasing their first ep in the spring of 94. The revenant ep took four months to produce, held six tracks covering many of their stylistic differences, and displayed the artwork of artist tom nawara.

Since their initial release mindFluxFuneral has appeared on numerous compliations, released multiple EP's, worked with dozens of other bands, and performed all across the Midwest United States.

In 1997 mindFluxFuneral complied many of their best tracks and put them together into their first full length release birthMark. The album was released by their good friend Jester of the eZine Sonic-Boom and Doppler Effect Records. The album featured chaotic ritual like tracks such as 'Hatred' and 'Infected', floor pounding tracks such as 'Dream it Dead' and mood driven spaces such as 'Melting Spirit'.

After nearly 10 years of producing, side projects and collaborations mindFluxFuneral is ready to unleash the torture tekk again! Teatro De Revalacion marks a return to their signature sound and a new future for the artistic vision that is mindFluxFuneral.
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