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The Qualia is a band from New York. We record electro-pop music in spare bedrooms in New York City. We write conceptually-focused albums and put on an energetic live show. Upon the release of our first record, Nevada's Greatest!, by WTII Records in 2007, Side-line Magazine called The Qualia a "revolutionary band," and Derek Pegritz hailed the band as "evocative of Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, and Afrika Bambataa, yet... exquisitely modern."

We are currently getting ready to release our second record, "Secret Weapon", in early 2010. In addition to recording the new record, we have been hard at work since the release of Nevada's Greatest! transitioning the band from being a fully studio-based project to being a fully-fledged band with a live show. The band has been playing one-off shows around the northeast for the last year, and is preparing to hit the road to support the new record in the first half of 2010. "Secret Weapon" will be accompanied by the Station Wagons single, featuring remixes from Daniel Myer, Caustic, and Milieu.

The Qualia was founded in 2006, after Lars Casteen completed recording the Nevada's Greatest! LP. The record is a labor of love - the recording process became conceptually obsessive and the songs became more and more byzantine, arranged, re-arranged, performed, and recorded (at times re-recorded), in the spare bedrooms of several different apartments in several different cities over the course of a few years. Nevada's Greatest! was released in 2007 by WTII Records. Alongside the record, WTII released the song "Better" to radio stations around the US as a single, featuring remixes by cut.rate.box and Lismore (the members of which have since started releasing music as The Golden Filter).

Currently, The Qualia consists of three members. They are Lars Casteen, Chvad SB (keyboards), and Rossen Nedelchev (drums). Chvad is well-known from his experience with t.o.t.s., the Invisible Records-signed band for which he is the primary songwriter, singer, and producer, in addition to being a professional audio engineer. Rossen is an accomplished drummer, with a degree from the Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory of Music. Lars has an American Studies degree and works at an office.
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Station Wagons
A digital only release that features 3 versions of the title track and 2 b-sides.
Resurrection 3
3rd edition of the WTII label sampler series
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Memorial Gore On Sale $3
on sale!
On the six tracks of their new EP Memorial Gore, the Brooklyn, NY electro-pop four-piece rips through a wide swath of musical territory, from high energy disco-pop to torn-apart country balladry. Each song is a puzzle, with hidden stories about frustrated agoraphobic novelists, traumatic childhood accidents, and drug-addled adult siblings nestled within infectious, catchy-as-hell hook-laden synthpop songs.
"Secret Weapon" On Sale $4
on sale!
Pure electronic indie rock brilliance. Features the singles Station Wagons and Volcanoe.
Nevada's Greatest On Sale $4
on sale!
Nevada's Greatest! features a compelling mixture of lush synthesizers, sequenced beats, and sparse guitars
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Better / Escalator People Split Radio Promo
Split radio promo featuring the first single from The Qualia "Better" and the upcoming single from Backlash "Escalator People."
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