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For nearly a decade Regenerator has been creating their unique blend of Dark Electro. This extraordinary male/female led duo, comprised of Patrice Synthea and Wrex Mock, has continued their tradition of writing intense lyrics over intricate backdrops. This one of a kind formula has help the band carve their own path and develop their own signature sound which remains a constant on all their releases. Since inception the band has released four albums and three EPs and has contributed to the success of several of their peers as either a guest vocalist/musician or remixer.

Regenerator have also completed successful tours throughout Europe and the US and has achieved success at both the club and radio levels. From the outset the band has continued to garner the recognition, respect and admiration of their fans, press and peers. In an era where everything is constantly searching for an identity, Regenerator has already found a home and their continued dedication and development secures their place for years to come.
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War On Sale
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Blending elements of EBM, Electro and Pop, War is by far the darkest and moodiest album Regenerator has released to date.
The Resurrection 2 On Sale
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The Resurrection 2 features tracks from Beborn Beton, cut.rate.box, Deceptio Mentis, HMB, La Floa Maldita, Monstrum Sepsis, PTI, Regenerator, State of the Union, Stromkern and Trigger 10d.
The Resurrection On Sale
on sale!
The Resurrection features tracks from Arcanta, Beborn Beton, Controlled Fusion, Deceptio Mentis, HMB, In Strict Confidence, Melotron, Regenerator, State of the Union, Stromkern and Trigger10d.
Compact Discs
Hunger (March 10th)
Regenerator returns with their 7th studio album.
Disease On Sale $5
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US version of their new album with 12 new tracks, a cover of the Blue Oyster Cult classic, the Reaper, and the video for Terrible Love
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