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The seminal Los Angeles electronica act Regenerator delivers dark and light to the gray... matter. The band's signature sound is the silky siren call of Patrice Synthea and eloquent grit of Wrex Mach, over cascades of swirling synths, fierce guitars, and quaking beats.

Few forms of sound are safe from their audio assault: gothic, ebm, rock, classical, blues, avant guard, trip hop, techno, tribal, et all fit perfectly in the glove of Regenerator. A glove aimed fiercely at the icons of modern social control.

At long last, Regenerator return to WTII Records and ignite the sonic skies with "Hunger", part three of their apocalypse series. Lyrical analogies such as starvation to hollow hearts, and slavery to acceptance of emotional austerity, abound in this latest offering. It's time to laugh in the face of foreseen economic destruction and embrace our roots in the Earth. Dance to the monstrous beat of a malnourished empire!

The bulk of these new tracks are tried and tested crowd pleasers, as the band has been presenting them live for a few years. With several European and West Coast tours under their belt, along with extensive festival appearances, look forward to seeing Regenerator in concert soon
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Regenerator returns with their 7th studio album.
War On Sale $8
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Blending elements of EBM, Electro and Pop, War is by far the darkest and moodiest album Regenerator has released to date.
The Resurrection 2 On Sale $4
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The Resurrection 2 features tracks from Beborn Beton, cut.rate.box, Deceptio Mentis, HMB, La Floa Maldita, Monstrum Sepsis, PTI, Regenerator, State of the Union, Stromkern and Trigger 10d.
The Resurrection On Sale $4
on sale!
The Resurrection features tracks from Arcanta, Beborn Beton, Controlled Fusion, Deceptio Mentis, HMB, In Strict Confidence, Melotron, Regenerator, State of the Union, Stromkern and Trigger10d.
Compact Discs
Disease On Sale $4
on sale!
US version of their new album with 12 new tracks, a cover of the Blue Oyster Cult classic, the Reaper, and the video for Terrible Love
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