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SMP, aka Sounds of Mass Production, is an American industrial-rock band, with heavy rap and punk influences. The band was founded by Jason Bazinet and Sean Ivy and the pair debuted in 1995 with their acclaimed break-out record, "Stalemate." After the debut record, Bazinet continued on with SMP as its main songwriter, programmer, auxiliary drummer and vocalist.

SMP has recently inked a deal with Chicago-based WTII Records and is working on an album now. Veteran producer Wade Alin has been tapped to produce and mix the album, and Mike Ostrander of the band 64K is on board programming and writing with Bazinet.

SMP's previous six releases are "Coda" (2010), "The Treatment" (2007), "Crimes of the Future" (2004), "Terminal" (2000), "Ultimatum" (1998) and "Stalemate" (1995).

Three remix albums have been released as well: "Shot" (2011), "Pissing on the Legacy" (2008) and "Hacked" (2001).

SMP's live shows are an amalgamation of the physical and the electronic. Furious drumming, biting guitars and raw vocals are coupled with the cold chaos of the machine.

The current live make-up of the band is Jason Bazinet (vocals/ aux. drums), Dan Miura (guitar) and Juan Gomez (drums) with Galen Waling occasionally subbing on drums.
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Death of the Format
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Industrial veterans, Sounds of Mass Production a.k.a. SMP, return with their 7th studio album, Death of the Format. SMP blends elements of industrial rock with hip hop, rap and punk.
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