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We are in the year 2514, the planet Earth is no longer a welcoming place as over 10 billion people live in extreme conditions due to climatic and geological changes. A small community, of wealthy elite, live in luxurious space stations far away from earth. They are awaiting the Great Exodus, which will arrive in the form of a new planet, Hydra. An elite unit is assembled, known as the Stars[+]Crusaders, and sent on a epic mission to save humanity and reach this distant planet. They will travel through time, exploring the unknown, with just one opportunity, they can not fail.

Stars[+]Crusaders are:

DAVED@X: He is captain of the mission, in command of the flagship Perseus V.

SYMORG: He is an "Ancient". It's been hibernating in 2345 during the project "The runner", and has now been awakened to be the secret weapon for the mission.

YEDA FURYAN: Grown in the wealthy elite, in deep space. It has a rebellious spirit. He flees from the family and takes refuge on Earth in the palace of a mystical master. He is the best pilot of Stars[+]Crusaders.
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Under Attack
The Stars Crusaders return in 2016 with a new single, Under Attack. Continuing their journey through the stars, these synthpop giants have put together a 4 track single which features remixes from Frozen Plasma, Advance, and Rammsier.
In the Venusberg EP
Second EP from the Stars Crusaders features remixes from Sister Machine Gun, Beyond Obsession and Resonanz Kreis.
Mothership EP
Companion EP to the critically acclaimed New Horizon's album. EP features remixes of Mothership and Supermarket Signs from Rotersand, Interface, RobDust, Autoclav1.1, nTTx and more.
Aeterna is the first single from the Stars Crusaders New Horizon album.
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Gemini EP
Gemini is the 2nd single from the Stars Crusaders acclaimed album, Welcome to Hydra. This EP features 4 versions of the title track, including remixes from Decoded Feedback, Vanguard, Desorden Perfecto and a Hydrian mix of the track "The Runner."
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Welcome to Hydra
Delivering catchy hooks, layers of synths and space inspired lyrics, the Stars[+]Crusaders have solidified themselves as one of the major players in the current synthpop movement. Call out tracks from Welcome to Hydra include: Under Attack, Gemini and Sick Bakkus
New Horizons
Joined together by a love of electronics and Sci-Fi, the Stars Crusaders has created the soundtrack to an epic adventure through the stars by blending powerful rhythms, ethereal melodies and space inspired lyrics.
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