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We are in the year 2514, the planet Earth is no longer a welcoming place as over 10 billion people live in extreme conditions due to climatic and geological changes. A small community, of wealthy elite, live in luxurious space stations far away from earth. They are awaiting the Great Exodus, which will arrive in the form of a new planet, Hydra. An elite unit is assembled, known as the Stars[+]Crusaders, and sent on a epic mission to save humanity and reach this distant planet. They will travel through time, exploring the unknown, with just one opportunity, they can not fail.

Stars[+]Crusaders are:

DAVED@X: He is captain of the mission, in command of the flagship Perseus V.

SYMORG: He is an "Ancient". It's been hibernating in 2345 during the project "The runner", and has now been awakened to be the secret weapon for the mission.

YEDA FURYAN: Grown in the wealthy elite, in deep space. It has a rebellious spirit. He flees from the family and takes refuge on Earth in the palace of a mystical master. He is the best pilot of Stars[+]Crusaders.


Their first single, AETERNA, will see the light in September 2014, while their first album, New Horizons, will be released in November of 2014.
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Aeterna is the first single from the Stars Crusaders New Horizon album.
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New Horizons
Joined together by a love of electronics and Sci-Fi, the Stars Crusaders has created the soundtrack to an epic adventure through the stars by blending powerful rhythms, ethereal melodies and space inspired lyrics.
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