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Torrent Vaccine is an electronic solo operation out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, brought to life by Brad Vaccine. Growing up in rural Louisiana, Brad was continuously searching for ways to pass the time. This quickly led to an interest in music and writing his own was a natural progression. While searching for new forms of expression he was introduced to industrial music. Never having heard anything like this, it quickly became a part of his personality. This new acquaintance convinced Brad to begin his exploration into electronic sound design. In a harsh celebration of sound through life and experience, Torrent Vaccine took form..
Without committing to a defined style, Torrent Vaccine has left room to expand into different scenes while still maintaining the idea of "industrial" music and his individualism. Taking part in the southern underground, Torrent Vaccine has shared the stage with Assemblage 23, Bella Morte, Bile, Bozo Porno Circus, Chris Connelly, Cut Rate Box, Cyanotic, Defragmentation, Dope, Hanzel und Gretyl, Helltrash, Infinite Motion, Jenifer Mclaren, Meg Lee Chin, More Machine Than Man, My life with the thrill kill kult, Nocturne, Pigface, Pitbull Daycare, Professional Murder Music, Sheep On Drugs, Slick Idiot, Stromkern, Tubring, Voodou, Zeromancer, and VNV Nation
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