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WTII Signs Sounds of Mass Production
posted by: Bart in: news
We are proud to announce that we have signed Seattle based Sounds of Mass Production (a.k.a. SMP). Once described as Cyber-Punk, SMP are an industrial rock act with heavy influences in rap and punk. It's danceable, aggressive, and diverse.

Next year, SMP will make their WTII debut with the release of a (to be titled) full length album. For more information visit the WTII website.
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If you think that my message is spam, then send me abuse to Google http://support.google.com/bin/st... or Yandex http://webmaster.yandex.ru/delsp... they still won't do anything and my site as flourished, so be it!
posted by: DteptartSnoks on 05/11/2017
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posted by: jackol.jannimmit on 05/11/2017
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