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Comasoft: Let's Go All the Way
4 track EP featuring Comasoft's cover of the Sly Fox classic, Let's Go All the Way, plus 3 new tracks and 2 remixes from Method Cell and nTTx.
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Electronic Substance Abuse (ESA): Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt.3 : Penance (September 4th)
the closing album to this destructive trilogy; Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt.3 : Penance
format: Compact Disc
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AlterRed: In the Land of the Blind... (August 7th)
This album is a departure from the band's electro-cabaret sound, focusing far more on their rock-industrial and electro-rock influences. Bigger, harder, faster and darker
format: Compact Disc
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CHANT: Brave New Apocalypse (August 7th)
New album from Austin TX, apocalyptic tribal infused industrial project.
format: Compact Disc
Stars Crusaders: Mothership EP
Companion EP to the critically acclaimed New Horizon's album. EP features remixes of Mothership and Supermarket Signs from Rotersand, Interface, RobDust, Autoclav1.1, nTTx and more.
formats: Full Album Download | Track Download
Deviant UK: Cracks Start to Show
15 track single with remixes from Die Sektor, Cyferdyne, Angels & Agony, Katscan, and many more.
format: Full Album Download
Mechanical Cabaret: We Have an Agenda (Limited Edition Reissue) (July 10th)
Limited Edition reissue of Mechanical Cabaret's debut release, We Have an Agenda. This version includes the 12 album tracks plus 6 unreleased bonus tracks.
format: Compact Disc
Deathproof: Set to Smash
"Something louder and heavier than what we do with straight dance remixes, still with big cinematic --and complicated-- production. We've got Jason rapping over breakbeats with live drums, female rap vocals about zombies, a homage to the sound design of Streets of Rage II, and some really big collisions between classical music and modern electronica"
formats: Compact Disc | Full Album Download | Track Download
Autoclav1.1: Werewolf Country (June 9th)
Autoclav1.1 returns with a new, darker, offering in Werewolf Country. Breaking away from, his signature format, Tony Young plunges Autoclav1.1 into the dark side and puts a heavy emphasis on developing his melodic soundscapes.
formats: Compact Disc | Full Album Download | Track Download
Regenerator: Hunger
Regenerator returns with their 7th studio album.
formats: Compact Disc | Full Album Download | Track Download
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