Blume: Blackening October 20th
Blackening is an upbeat track that blends a catchy hook and smooth vocals with elements of synthpop and electro.
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Stars Crusaders: Gemini EP October 6th
Gemini is the 2nd single from the Stars Crusaders acclaimed album, Welcome to Hydra. This EP features 4 versions of the title track, including remixes from Decoded Feedback, Vanguard, Desorden Perfecto and a Hydrian mix of the track "The Runner."
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The Thought Criminals: No Love Song September 11th
The second single from the album, You're a Moral Liability. Not as dark as The Dirty Electro EP, but there are two sides to every coin.
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Forces of Light: Darklights November 17th
An exploration of the esoteric and occult world, with 80s sonority and a return to the glorious Italo-dance.
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am.psych: Cold Wars August 11th
am.psych blends crunchy guitars, harsh sounds and angst filled lyrics with smooth synths and a little EBM.
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nTTx: Of Beauty and Chaos July 14th
'Of Beauty and Chaos' features 4 original tracks along with a remix of the hit 'Falls Beautiful' remixed by the legendary Rotersand, as well as a cover of the classic '80s hit 'Eye of The Tiger'.
format: Full Album Download
Forces of Light: Diviner EP June 30th
The Diviner EP features the first two singles from the highly anticipated Darklights album.
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Various Artists: 2017 Free Label Sampler July 14th
A FREE digital sampler highlighting some of the label's recent and upcoming releases.
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Autoclav1.1 / Displacer: Spacetime August 4th
An engaging and direct album, that combines lush melodies, pulsating rhythms, drifting ambience and razor sharp electronics, with a touch of commercial and 'universal' sensibilities to boot.
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Stars Crusaders: Welcome to Hydra May 5th
Delivering catchy hooks, layers of synths and space inspired lyrics, the Stars[+]Crusaders have solidified themselves as one of the major players in the current synthpop movement. Call out tracks from Welcome to Hydra include: Under Attack, Gemini and Sick Bakkus
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