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Autoclav1.1 / Displacer: Spacetime August 4
An engaging and direct album, that combines lush melodies, pulsating rhythms, drifting ambience and razor sharp electronics, with a touch of commercial and 'universal' sensibilities to boot.
format: Compact Disc
Stars Crusaders: Welcome to Hydra May 5th
Delivering catchy hooks, layers of synths and space inspired lyrics, the Stars[+]Crusaders have solidified themselves as one of the major players in the current synthpop movement. Call out tracks from Welcome to Hydra include: Under Attack, Gemini and Sick Bakkus
formats: Compact Disc | Full Album Download | Track Download Xenophobe March 24th
5 previously unreleased and final tracks from
format: Full Album Download
The Thought Criminals: Dirty Electro EP (Vinyl)
4 track vinyl edition of the Dirty Electro EP.
format: Compact Disc
The Thought Criminals: Dirty Electro EP (CD)
5 track CD version of the Dirty Electro EP.
format: Compact Disc
nTTx: Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
The King of Pop goes EBM/Industrial. Check out nTTx's cover of the Michael Jackson classic, "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough."
format: Full Album Download
Mechanical Cabaret: Ortonesque
The darkest album to date, Roi and Steve offer their musical interpretations of the ultimately ridiculous human conditions of life, death, love and sex.
formats: Compact Disc | Full Album Download | Track Download
Stars Crusaders: Under Attack
The Stars Crusaders return in 2016 with a new single, Under Attack. Continuing their journey through the stars, these synthpop giants have put together a 4 track single which features remixes from Frozen Plasma, Advance, and Rammsier.
formats: Full Album Download | Track Download
Various Artists: WTII Records 15th Anniversary Compilation (Mixed by DJ Jeff Moyer)
15th Anniversary DJ mix compilation covering the labels first 15 years.
format: Full Album Download
Autoclav1.1: The Gates of Greenhead Park (vinyl) April 21st
Autoclav1.1 presents an album that offers light to the darkness that presented itself on that release; drawing on harmonies and sounds sculpted in his mind's eye, whilst making his brisk daily walk to work, through and past the local parkland where he resides.
format: Compact Disc
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