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1 E.R.R.A.- Energy In Your Eyes (Advanced Mix)
2 Evilmoon Project- This Hate
3 Nexus 8- Pulse (Loveless Edit)
4 Aeön- Disappointment (Club Mix)
5 Optical Frequence- Light Me (Harker's Diary Edit)
6 Estacion Red- El La Oscuridad Del Camino
7 T-Lab- You Know
8 Rewritable Media- File "A" (Radiobox Mix)
9 Disfuncion Organica- La Ira De Los Angeles (Synergetic Lust Mix)
10 Isenngard- Crap (Version 2)
11 Arpa De Aura- Dalissa
12 Venera- Bruma (Edited Version)
13 ZPr1- The Greatest Time Of My Life (Radio Edit)
14 Cyclic Delusion- Isolated Star (Isolation Mix)
15 Dramatish- Your Death, My Death
16 Acaena Eterna- Lost Hope (Edited Version)
CD Price: $2.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. ERRA Energy in Your Eyes (Nexus 8 Advance Mix)
02. Evilmoon Project This Hate
03. Nexus 8 Pulse (DJ Durden Loveless edit mix)
04. Aeon Disappointment (Rewritable Media Club mix)
05. Optical Frequence Light Me (Harker's Diary edit)
06. Estacion Red En La Oscuridad Del Camino
07. T-Lab You Know
08. Rewritable Media File A (Radiobox mix)
09. Disfunsion Organica La Ira De Los Angeles (Synergetic Lust mix)
10. Isenngard Crap (Version 02)
11. Arpa de Aura Dalissa
12. Venera Bruma (edit version)
13. ZPr1 The Greatest Time of My Life (Radio Edit)
14. Cylcic Delusion Isolated Star (Optical Frequence Isolation edit)
15. Dramatish Your Death, My Death
16. Acaena Eterna Lost Hope (Edited Version)
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