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1 Iris- Sorrow Expert (Crucible Mix)
2 Pro:activ- Humanised Phase I (Headscan Remix)
3 Samsära- Embryoss (Beatclub Mix)
4 Alpha Conspiracy, The- Defend Yourself (Andrew's Swing Mix)
5 Ayria- Infiltrating My Way Through The System (Exclusive Mix)
6 Isis Signum- Energy (Seven Inch Mix)
7 Aïboforcen- Confusion (Pride & Fall Remix)
8 Neikka RPM- Demon Breeder (Energized Mix)
9 Glis- October Skies (DJ Helder 0.2 Mix)
10 Headscan- Components (Battery Cage Remix)
11 Syrian- Space Overdrive (More Machine Than Man Remix)
12 Tristraum- First Embrace (Amurai Remix)
13 Auxiliar Channel- Dream Together
14 Sunset Bell- Blue Colour (Colourful Mix)
15 Sero.Overdose- Missing (Exclusive Mix)
16 Sequencia- Nuestro Momento (Syrian Remix)
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Faith Assembly Off the Highwire (Messogeon mix by Costa Kotselas)
02. Syrian Vega Velocity (Delta Quadrant mix by Pro-activ)
03. Headscan Ascend (Coldfusion Mix)
04. 8kHz Mono irq15
05. Ayria Disease (Cllub mix by ZPr1)
06. Massiv in Mensch Radius 17m
07. Pro-Activ Re_call (Activ edit)
08. Symbelmyne - Karma Sequence (dub edit)
09. Ayria - Disease (Post Modern Clash mix by DJ Helder)
10. Daybehavior - Moments I Couldnt Save (Memory mix by Optical Frequence)
11. Union Polarity - Believe
12. Project X Stay Awake
13. Workbench Abismo (radio edit)
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