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After releasing the head-turning and brilliant Shaper and Mechanist almost three years ago, Headscan is prepared to show us the future once again. With Dead Silver Sky, Canada's electronic visionaries have opened a new dimension in sonic communication; one that simultaneously presents humanity with choices as well as roadblocks for those choices. This is a future ethereal, sharp, and intense; this is the extended nervous system of a post-human environment. We are held fast by truly exciting music, creative and distinct rhythms, and stream-of-consciousness vocals. Headscan creates alternate realities and viewpoints: hard and edgy sounds inspired by our urban landscapes. The essence of today, the Zeitgeist. Dead Silver Sky is released with contributions from Montreal's avant-garde Dance Against The Machine as well as Konsequent recording artist Component, both offering their massive hardfloor renderings of Headscan's music. Two new songs, "Sentinel" and "Metadata", are exclusive to this release. Released on Artoffact Records.
CD Price: $2.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Dead Silver Sky (Biometric)
02. Dead Silver Sky (Protocol)
03. Dead Silver Sky (Component Remix)
04. Sentinel
05. Dead Silver Sky
06. Sentinel (Kinetic)
07. Metadata
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