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400 years ago, in the year 1605, three Germans met in a now famous hospital in central Berlin. They were Mähne Meenen, Axel Tasler, and Jan Wilking. Their exploits, adventures, and revolutionary experiments put them on the map of modern medicine, engineering, and pediatrics. There was a time when they were the most famous threesome on the Continent; untouchable, near-godlike, and full of pride. But hard times were ahead... Something went terribly wrong after their now infamous meeting with King Gustav II, and the three were split up for many years. Later, in the late 17th Century, a secret meeting was held with Stefan Herwig who proposed that the trio make a comeback, this time as the best EBM band in the world. Under Herr Herwig's brilliant direction, the doctors formed Steril and, despite their deep sadness, embarked on a world tour that saw them become true pioneers in the genre. Shortly after, our three heroes released Transmission Pervous, Egoism, and Venus Trap on the famous Off Beat label all to resounding success. At this time, very few actually remembered their experimental beginnings at the hospital in Berlin, and it wasn't until 1837 before the release of Purification on Strange Ways that they admitted publicly to being the same three doctors. Another secret meeting. And the team behind Artoffact Records convinced the three to go back to that famous hospital and use the inspirational setting as the backdrop for their remastered and repackaged greatest hits collection, appropriately entitled 400 Years Of Electronic Music. The special edition will be released worldwide on Artoffact Records on December 6th, 2005 and contains 13 of Steril's best masterpieces spanning four great albums including the hits "Egoist", "Deep", and "I Get Closer", as well as long out of print material. As a select bonus, the CD features two different interchangeable cover arts.
CD Price: $4.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Strange Pusher
02. Egoist
03. No Remission
04. Deep
05. Guess
06. Lies
07. Connected
08. Zap!
09. Overgod
10. Shame
11. I Get Closer
12. Temper
13. Deep [Swamp Terrorists Rmx]
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