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After their highly praised and sold out Shaper and Mechanist debut and several successful EPs, the Canadian, Montreal-based duo Headscan are ready for the release of their stunning and visionary second album. Pattern Recognition is packed with futuristic dancefloor pounding music and entangling dark vivid soundscapes. Their haunting vocals fuse with relentless beats and powerful hypnotic sequences with a strong and up front presence, but at times dive into the abyss, lurking within the driving rhythms and loops only to resurface again like a haunting message from another dimension. Headscan showcases their talents by impressively combining the best elements of electro, techno, and industrial that all result in a sound that is fresh, exciting and always holds true to its predecessors in electronic music. This new album is a groundbreaking step for one of Canada's surging talents and a definite highlight this winter for Artoffact. A mind-blowing sonic assault that offers you a window into what the future of electronic music will ultimately be and which firmly places Headscan amongst the elite of electro industrial made in Canada. Released on Artoffact Records and available on November 29th, 2005.
CD Price: $4.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Zero Sun
02. Terra Incognita
03. Synchrony
04. Sentinel
05. Hi-Motion Model
06. Permafrost
07. Lolife
08. Arrache-Moi
09. Dead Silver Sky
10. Antenna Manifold
11. Carnal Knowledge
12. Slipstream Monocraft
13. Corroded Center Pole
14. Sunken World
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