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The second phase of Interlace is upon us! We are pleased to present to our audience one of the most important and pivotal releases the Industrial genre will hear in years: "Imago." Featuring artwork by Dave McKean, Imago is a conceptual roadmap through the human genome and beyond, taking on today's most difficult and controversial issues headfirst , while simultaneously exploring the boundaries and functions of art, creation, and selfhood. Musically, Interlace combines machine noises with organic simulations to create a new state of awareness with tracks that range from harsh Industrial to subtler synthesizer work to bass-driven electro. Riveting, artful, essential music.
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Master
02. Sleep On Stones
03. Conformity
04. Elohim
05. Eclosion
06. Crystalline Hush
07. Track Two
08. Veneer
09. Diapause
10. Pandora
11. In the Walls
12. Quintillion
13. Candie Burns Blue
14. Molt
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