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In an era when new artists are formed, signed, and forgotten in under a year, Cabaret, hailing from Poland, have been making music as a duosince 1997. In this time, they have been honing their art and drawing on musical and cultural references as diverse as Porcupine Tree, Leonard Cohen, and Depeche Mode. Comprised of Jaroslaw Pawlik and Michal Bieniek, Cabaret composes auditory poetry about the human experience, alienation, totemism and taboo. Their music is raw and earthy, warm and sincere; a refreshing alternative that will rekindle your soul and add a new dimension to the electronic music market. Released on Artoffact Records and available October 28th, 2005.
CD Price: $2.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Nicole (Welcome To)
02. Be On Standby
03. Butterfly With No Address
04. Song For Berlin
05. Electric Chair Song
06. Devil Is Dancing
07. Rain On My Skin
08. Dawn Mist Glowing
09. Homophobia (nr 9)
10. Check Point Charlie
11. Angel Theme
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