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Always one for surprises, Massiv in Mensch returns with a fourth studio album for Artoffact, and, as we have come to expect, they have re-invented themselves again. What do you do? They gave us a hard EBM album, a trance album, and a techno album... so this June we give you Massiv in Mensch's pop epic extraordinaire!

Featuring the incredible talents of new vocalist Anna-Maria Straatmann, Clubber Lang takes you through pop and dance in all their glory. Starting right off with a dance with Bono himself, Massiv in Mensch with the help of Sven Enzelmann of The Promise gives us "Sunday Bloody Sunday" as you've never heard it. The trip continues with new tracks and a reloaded version of a Helium Vola track in "Selig" with blessings from Ernst Horn himself! Clubber nods to Epsilon Minus, covers a classic Sandra track, borrows from Nino Cortez, and gives us 15 of the best Massiv in Mensch opuses yet.
CD Price: $4.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. In Mensch
02. Sunday Bloody Sunday
03. Einen Augenblick
04. Menschdefekt
05. Klang Der Unsterblichkeit
06. Hass Kot [Reloaded]
07. Clubber Lang
08. Green
09. Endless
10. Around My Heart
11. Selig [Reloaded]
12. Bitterfeld
13. History
14. Toast
15. Offenes Schuhwerk
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