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This Swiss duo has been desribed as a good mix of bands like Haujobb, Aghast View, Evils Toy, Leaether Strip, Abscess and others.

Personally, when I began listening to the first track on Fear Forms Function called "Quiet Sun" I was instantly reminded of some of Front Line Assembly's earlier dark cyber-tech. By the time the second track "Scanners" was playing it was much like X-Marks The Pedwalk yet the whole while it was a fluent blend of the two sounds with something wholely new and fresh!

I hate using other bands as examples of a sound especially since SdD is not so easily pigeonholed into such easy catagories. Their music varies much from track to track yet remains fluent throughout. All the while on a deep, dark, electro-cyber, industrial trip.

I must believe that System der Dinge is a DSBP prize possession! I expect their name will become commonly known among Cyber-EBM-Industrial music fans as their music can easily stand alone and hold it's own with the bigger names of the genre.

The band claims that the songs worked out for this album worked better with English lyrics, so look forward to more of their music in German in the future!
CD Price: $2.98 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Quiet Sun
02. Scanner
03. Dreams
04. Mindfire
05. Void
06. Dreamer Without a Cause
07. Surface
08. Les Nuits Secret
09. Epidemic
10. Lobotomy
11. Insight
12. Lost
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