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1) SYMBIONT -"aggro culture"
3) ANDRACULOID -"close your eyes" 4) DIVERJE -"retalliate" (first attack)
5) BATTERY CAGE -"mirror image enemy"(double vision)
6) SKIN RECEPTOR -"ripped"
7) NAU-ZEE-AUN-"flesh saw"
8) KRUSHED OPIATES -"flintstones chewable morphine"
9)NOXIOUS EMOTION- "6th sense"(soul of God)
10) CEOXiME -"more afraid"
11) RED SECTOR A (feat.KINDEL) -"are you my enemy?"
12) LIAR'S ROSEBUSH -"the truth is out of fashion"
13) GLIS -"my machine"(databomb remix)
14) STRATEGY -"remorse"
15) CODEC -"shards"
CD Price: $2.98 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Symbiont: Aggro Culture
02. Run Level Zero: Shadow Merging (Lights of Euphoria Remix)
03. Andraculoid: Close Your Eyes
04. Diverje: Retaliate (First Attack)
05. Battery Cage: Mirror Image Enemy (Double Vision)
06. Skin Receptor: Ripped
07. Nau-zee-aun: Flesh Saw
08. Krushed Opiates: Flintstones Chewable Morphine
09. Noxious Emotion: 6th Sense (Soul of God)
10. Ceoxime: More Afraid
11. Red Sector A (Feat. Kindel): Are You My Enemy
12. Liars Rosebush: The Truth is Out of Fashion
13. Glis: My Machine (Databomb Mix)
14. Strategy: Remorse
15. Codec: Shards
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