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DSBP is proud to present the brand new Control.Org release! this is Control.Org's sophmore release,and it is a definate attention grabbing sound that you will indulge in! 11 standout tracks here,with much diversity,and a high quality production all around.EBM/industrial/synthpop/d'n'b/dark elektro/experimental noise ALL play a role in this very consistent mix of original sounds. sublime-experimentalism,thumping bassdrums,melodic EBM,clean,and infectious vocals with more diversity than before. squeaky synths,analog tweaks,smooth,thought provoking songwriting!

The disc starts out in a sublime fashion..[fallout]dark experimentalism pushing on,ambient intro..and the beat soon begins...it keeps you guessing. [synergy] kicks in with a rhythmically acute and spastic synthline,and the dance floor energy is on!nice vocal melodies and manipulations smoothen this track with a new and more refined,phatter .Org sound! [shadows] starts with a very quietly sung vocal,and then breaks into complete EBM melody,and bass pumping hard,synthpop/wave influence,yet with that industrial sound that make this album so intresting. the dance floor assaults continue with [indecision] another catchy EBM track with some nice drum breaks,and d'n'b,and industrial sounds meshing together well,with more well done vocals,clean,precise,and infectious are the sounds here...clubs be ready! dance music here!

we are then [blinded] with a really trippy ,robotic,glitchey ,groovy track that breaks the album into new ground and definately one of the coolest tracks to get bouncing around to.whispered vocals with strong bass thumpings.[collapse] takes on a harder elektro-industrial approach. [sacrifice] and [salvage] bring us back into very catchy,dance floor EBM stylings with alot of emotion,and power in the lyrics and music. [1.1.0]brings us a guest female vocalist with some dark elektro poetry. once again more diversity and moving into the final technoid stages of the cd we are given some remixes of [blinded(tensions mix)],[chemical burn(pollution mix)]..technoid ,dancey,noisey,and well constructed all around.More dance floor mayhem,in a instrumental fashion ending the cd...and brings us to the end of this very strong release. if you liked the first control.org,you will love this one! and if you have not heard the sound of control.org yet.. then get with it...this could very well be the next club hit band! this album is a new step,and a great progression for Control.org!
CD Price: $2.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Fallout
02. Synergy
03. Shadows
04. Indecision
05. Blinded
06. Collapse
07. Sacrifice
08. Salvage
09. 1.1.0
10. Blinded (Tension Mix)
11. Chemical Burn (Pollution Mix)
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