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The DSBP "electro-industrial" compilation series has reached vol. 4! This new comp. includes all new and exclusive, and remixed tracks from... E.S.R., ODIO VITA, UV, RUN LEVEL ZERO, CROC SHOP, SYSTEM SYN (IMPERATIVE REACTION remix), SEVERE ILLUSION,TYPE001,ANDRACULOID,GLIS(DIGITAL FACTORremix), LIQUEFACTION, DIVERJE (CLARENCE BODDICKER remix),IWR, FREQUENCY CONSTRUCT, RE-AGENT, and NEIKKA RPM! a definate must have for all club d.j's and radio d.j's are gonna go nuts for this one too! all fans of electro-industrial music must check out one of the few real solid compilations of the year!! happy holidays from DSBP!!

1 - E.S.R. -"ultra violence" (urban war)
2 - ODIO VITA - "mortality"
3 - UV -"everything is a lie"
4 - RUN LEVEL ZERO -"headless"
5 - CROC SHOP -"nu precedence"
6 - SYSTEM SYN -"momentary absolution" (IMPERATIVE REACTION remix)
7 - SEVERE ILLUSION -"bad people"
8 - TYPE001 -"project 8"
9 - ANDRACULOID -"zodiac" (phase 1 mix)
10- GLIS -"discontent" (DIGITAL FACTOR remix)
11- LIQUEFACTION -"lifeless"
12- DIVERJE -"companion" (CLARENCE BODDICKER remix)
13- IWR -"access denied"
14- FREQUENCY CONSTRUCT -"the fallout"
15- RE-AGENT -"heaven's falling"
16- NEIKKA RPM -"surrender"(scorpion)
CD Price: $2.98 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. E.S.R.: Ultra Violence (urban war)
02. Odio Vita: Mortality
03. UV: Everything is a Lie
04. Run Level Zero: Headless
05. Croc Shop: Nu Precedence
06. System Syn: Momentary Absolution (IMPERATIVE REACTION remix)
07. Severe Illusion: Bad People
08. TYPE001: Project 8
09. Andraculoid: Zodiac (phase 1 mix)
10. Glis: Discontent (DIGITAL FACTOR remix)
11. Liquefaction: Lifeless
12. Diverje: Companion (CLARENCE BODDICKER remix)
13. IWR: Access Denied
14. Frequency Construct: The Fallout
15. Re-Agent: Heaven's Falling
16. Neikka: RPM Surrender(scorpion)
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