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Penal Colony is now out...the 3rd album from this former CLEOPATRA band is now available through the DSBP label! "8 Years later, singer D Madden returns alone to deliver an album that stands to rival anything else heard this year by those who can see more promise in industrial music than Skinny Puppy and VNV Nation. "Unfinished Business" takes those same Penal Colony punk undertones, strips them of their dark grime, and instead creates a paranoid electronic science fiction masterpiece, dragging you for 12 tracks (plus 2 remixes) through the gutters and alleyways of D Madden's brain. Where once there were an abundance of live instruments interspersed with samples, there is now a heart and body of sequencing, strong electronica-style drum programming, and cutting guitar lines, with the same familiar vocal style of the previous incarnation, possibly more frenetic and obscure, but with more hooks and catchy choruses than ever.No song ever gives too much of any one thing. Never is a song too guitar-heavy or too electronics-heavy to not be enjoyable to any person. I could name the good points of the album's tracks, the highlights, but I would only end up telling you about every track on the album and run completely out of adjectives. Every song is worth listening to and nothing can stand out as a highlight when each track is just as enjoyable as the last. I don't think I can give better praise than to say that I've listened to this album at least once a day for past three months straight and I don't think I'll stop anytime soon. Envision an album that makes you forget about how redundant and clich the old guard of industrial rock has become, forget how most of the good synthcore and coldwave bands have moved away from all elements that made them "industrial", forget how most people would rather have rehashed 80's new wave music in the form of "futurepop" than to try something truly new and revolutionary. Imagine all this and then listen to "Unfinished Business" and watch it all come true." [Ryan Speck]-INDUSTRIAL NATION

1- hypothalamus now!
2- falling down the stairs
3- don't let them forget to tag your symptom
4- thee unbearable lightness ov...
5- hazing (the underlings with your broken stickpin)
6- unfinished business
7- scion
8- in between 5 and 14
9- the hand of john kemble
10- host meets the cell
11- 21 robot man
12- clones (we're all)
13- falling down the stairs (soctch & water remix)
14- unfinished business (strike down remix)
CD Price: $3.98 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Hypothalamus Now!
02. Falling Down the Stairs
03. Don't Let Them Forget to Tag Your Symptom
04. Thee Unbearable Lightness ov...
05. Hazing (the Underlings with your Broken Stickpin)
06. Unfinished Business
07. Scion
08. In Between 5 and 14
09. The Hand of John Kemble
10. Host Meets the Cell
11. 21 Robot Man
12. Clones (we're all)
13. Falling Down the Stairs (Scotch & Water remix)
14. Unfinished Business (Strike Down remix)
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