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TYPE001s debut album MULTI-TRACK ALIGNMENT is certainly like no other Electro/Industrial/EBM album that has been released lately. The album contains 13 very original tracks that flow perfectly throughout; containing high-speed saturated tracks as well as the occasional moody, somber, and atmospheric pieces. TYPE001 creates a very distinct and well-produced ominous sound that walks the line of Harsh Industrial and reminiscent synthpop flawlessly. Ambience, structured/complex beats, varied vocal styles (male and female), distortion, and warm melody/harmony also play key roles in the TYPE001 equation. And you definitely wont find any of those stereotypical self-loathing, God-questioning lyrics on MULTI-TRACK ALIGNMENT either. Rather, one of the biggest themes of the album are types of disgust for humans who thwart progress, as well as intolerance for immorality and the unfortunate growth of human stupidity.

According to DSBP, the debut of Boston's Matt Ossen is a real original! This is definitely something different and daring from the normal EBM coming out these days... Mixing dark electro, and hard industrial percussions, with upbeat and down tempo tracks alike. Very mood driven, and excellent lyrics to boot Different vocal approaches/treatments, which all work well including some female vocal appearances. The album seems to flow very cohesively, and has a lot of style. Personal and intense... another great debut album for 2004!

01) Apathy and Shattered 6:20
02) Misaligned 4:08
03) Made You Smile 5:18
04) Life Ahead 4:48
05) Red Ink Attack 5:54
06) Message Received 6:09
07) Fragmented Memories 5:56
08) Home 4:56
09) Project 8 5:08
10) Engaged in Sorrow 4:18
11) Made You Cry 5:52
12) Natures Uproar 6:05
13) Balance Protector 7:35
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Apathy and Shattered
02. Misaligned
03. Made You Smile
04. Life Ahead
05. Red Ink Attack
06. Message Received
07. Fragmented Memories
08. Home
09. Project 8
10. Engaged In Sorrow
11. Made You Cry
12. Nature's Uproar
13. Balance Protector
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