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The first North American CD release for this very talented New Zealander, named Josh Wood...A solo project with some cool guests involved to keep it diverse.

23 tracks fill this conceptual disc, and filled to the brim with lots of variety and style and very catchy tracks as well as dance floor stompers and harder edged anthems as well as more melodic numbers and female vocals infused into the mix.Top notch mixing and production make this album sound very thick.

THE MERCY CAGE mix coldwave, with clean and well sung vocals with power, dance floor EBM, and electro-industrial / darkwave and rock influences...A VERY ORIGINAL SOUND!

"scree: transmissions" is, in an oblique way, about the evolution of communication technology in the 20th century, & the subsequent dysfunction thereof. For all the great & good that these technological advances have imparted upon us as a society there's also a sense that we've been somewhat maimed by it, that it's left an entire generation of emotional cripples in its wake. The search of meaning, for some unobtainable nirvana is as omnipresent today as ever. Reality television, suicide bombing, amateur Internet porn, schoolyard shootings...thanks to blanket media saturation, 15 minutes of fame has never been so easy to achieve.

We're hard-wired into the domination of the identitypolitik, & the ease with which one can slip into blind conformity is somewhat frightening.We're obsessed by celebrity, by religion, by anything that seems to offer up a quick-fix comfort. One only has to look to the rise & rise of the vast array of medications that make one "sane" to see how disconnected we've become...

"scree: transmissions" is a record about inter-personal relationships in the digital age, It is about the ascendency of the cult of celebrity, & it's about the search for a deeper meaning in an accelerated culture..... This is the Electro-Industrial answer to PINK FLOYD-"the wall" and QUEENSRYCHE's-"operation mindcrime".....

1- (act I) Satellites(radio-9:48a)
2- The Pure Design Of Light
3- Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb
4- Rend(sutured)
5- An Incision
6- Force on Moving Charges
7-(act II) The Braun Tube Manifesto
8- Magnets Coil (wasting)
9-(god/in) The Mechanism
10- Erase(rub/out)
11- Reunion
12- The Industries
13-(act III) Church Of The Cathode Ray
14- Transmit
15- Hymn_01
16- (a)=arcsin
17- Reduce.Distill.Purify.Teach
18-(act IV) All Martyrs' day (The Rapture)
19- Dying Into The New
20- A Book Of The Dead
21- Cipher
22- Requiem (torchsong)
23- Exit-static(radio/out)
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. (act I) Satellites(radio-9:48a)
02. The Pure Design Of Light
03. Prozac, God & The Atomic Bomb
04. Rend(sutured)
05. An Incision
06. Force on Moving Charges
07. (act II) The Braun Tube Manifesto
08. Magnets Coil (wasting)
09. (god/in) The Mechanism
10. Erase(rub/out)
11. Reunion
12. The Industries
13. (act III) Church Of The Cathode Ray
14. Transmit
15. Hymn_01
16. (a)=arcsin
17. Reduce.Distill.Purify.Teach
18. (act IV) All Martyrs' day (The Rapture)
19. Dying Into The New
20. A Book Of The Dead
21. Cipher
22. Requiem (torchsong)
23. Exit-static(radio/out)
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