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The DEBUT release by Auto-Auto is now released on DSBP Records! 18 total tracks and 73 minutes of this nice diverse blend of electronic sounds and clear vocals..

Auto-Auto has been described as powerful electronic pop with significant elements of industrial rock and with an experimental touch. The band's live performance is visual and the singer's earlier connections to the punk genre come into play.

The music that the band played was originally set in the domain of "synth-pop" but has recently taken a more experimental turn. Inspired by everything from punk and goth to pop, ebm, and rock the group have started to break down musical conventions to make new and interesting music.

The first release of the band is the full length album "sounds of a new generator" which features 12 tracks...in addition the DSBP version includes 4 BRAND NEW tracks showing these boys in top form with CLUBBY tracks as well as thought provoking lyrics and melodic vocals... + 2 more bonus remixes of the hit singles "DOG" and "BACKSTABBER".

The lyrics and musicianship of this band make them comparable to early BLIND PASSENGERS, DEPECHE MODE, NEUROTIC FISH, and COLONY 5's latest efforts...

Includes a collage of the bands images through their "band years" and also includes a free download EP from a secret website... check it out!!

1- Backstabber
2- 23 Nov
3- An Argument
4- Dog
5- Queen Of Flies
6- Balance
7- Super Ultra Clean
8- Mass For The End Of Time
9- Harmagaeddon
10- Duma
11- Killing killing Evelyn
12- Switchblade
13- Decamerone
14- Tile
15- Magnesium
16- Finger
17- Dog(Techen mix)
18- Backstabber (Helm mix)
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Backstabber
02. 23 Nov
03. An Argument
04. Dog
05. Queen Of Flies
06. Balance
07. Super Ultra Clean
08. Mass For The End Of Time
09. Harmagaeddon
10. Duma
11. Killing killing Evelyn
12. Switchblade
13. Decamerone
14. Tile
15. Magnesium
16. Finger
17. Dog(Techen mix)
18. Backstabber (Helm mix)
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