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This is the long anticipated follow-up to the much acclaimed debut "Neural Code" LP. Featuring 13 tracks/78min of an intense electro/industrial onslaught. The extreme aggression of the album is apparent from the very start.

The crushing rhythms and infectious melodies will leave your mind reeling and your body MOVING! They know how to change things up within the album to keep the listener aware and guessing...

This album has a good amount of CLUB ready harsh EBM as well as more darker and introspective electro songs and a very cool epic instrumental piece to end the album.These guys know their stuff, and they are among the best of todays industrial sound.

1 - the first war
2 - interruption
3 - wreckage
4 - wall of tears
5 - half life
6 - desolation
7 - critical mass
8 - in justice
9 - still burning(underneath the ruin)
10- sub//unit.exe
11- sufphoric
12- aftermath
13- sub//repair.sys
CD Price: $3.98 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. The First War
02. Interruption
03. Wreckage
04. Wall of Tears
05. Half-Life
06. Desolation
07. Critical Mass
08. In Justice
09. Still Burning
10. Sub Unit.exe
11. Suphoric
12. Aftermath
13. Sub Repair.sys
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